Hong Kong Numismatic Literature
by Rodney Sell

I seriously started collecting Hong Kong coins in 1975 and immediately tried to find good reference books. There did not appear to be any available and I had difficulty obtaining information on any books that had been published.

I have since discovered that the first catalogue to be published on Hong Kong Currency was by my friend Antonio B. de Sousa who now lives in Melbourne Australia. It has taken me till August 1997 to get a copy of this catalogue which is shown amongst the items listed below.

The standard references of World Coins and World Paper Money both by Krause Publications are a good starting point for the Currency of Hong Kong.

The Ma and Tan catalogues are now updated and published every year with information on new coins issued and the retail price in several grades.

Each September since 1991 there has been a coin fair and auction in Hong Kong run by Taisei. The auctions were originally run with Spinks and Son. In 1994 Spinks were purchased by Christies who's policy is to run their own auctions. The Taisei auctions since 1994 have been with Baldwin's and Gillio Auctions. Since 1994 Spink's have run their own auction in Hong Kong in November.

Should any reader wish further information on any of these publication I can be reached at Rod.Sell@elderwyn.com and would be happy to answer what ever I can. I would be happy to receive any corrections or information on these or other publications not listed.

I have tried to list the publications below in order of publication with the Auction Catalogues at the end.

A History of Currency in the British Colonies
by Robert Chalmers, First published 1893, Reprint 1972.
168mm X 250mm, 496 pages. Hong Kong is covered on pages 371 to 380.
This is a wonderful book full of Currency Information.


The Coins of The British Commonwealth of Nations
Part 2. Asian Territories. by F. Pridmore
Published by Spink & Son Ltd. 1965
Pages 275 to 326 list the coins of Hong Kong
Hard Cover. 337 Pages 180mm x 245mm
This I believe is the first Specialist publication on Hong Kong.



Standard Catalogue of Hong Kong
Antonio B. de Sousa. January 1967
Soft Cover. 48 Pages 132mm x 190mm
This I believe is the first Catalogue on Hong Kong Currency.


Regal Coinage of Hong Kong, by Ray Hamson
Published by the Hong Kong Museum of History in May 1975.
127mm X 187mm, 48 pages in English and Chinese. Soft Cover.



Hong Kong Catalogue of Coins & Currency Notes by N.C. Yang
First Edition 1975; 134mm X 190mm, 66 Pages, Soft Cover.


Coins of Hong Kong by The Chartered Bank
Issued January 1979; 177mm X 287mm, 22 pages.
Large coloured illustrations. Soft Cover


Hong Kong Coin Catalogue by N.C. Yang
1980 2nd Edition ( I am not sure when the 1st edition was produced).
135mm X 203mm, 28 pages. Soft Cover.


The Banknote That Never Was. by Francis Braun
First Published 1982. 140mm X 250mm, 138 pages. Hard Cover.
The story of the emergency bank notes printed at the end of WW II that eventually were never issued.


Currency of Hong Kong
Produced by The Hong Kong Museum of History.
First published in 1983 and new edition below published in 1988.
240mm X 240mm. 180 pages. Soft Cover.


Money in the Bank by Joe Cribb
The Hong Kong Bank Money Collection.
218mm X 285mm. 204 Pages. Published by Spink & Son in 1987 for The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Hardback.


Hong Kong Coin & Paper Money Catalogue by Steven Tan.
1st Edition October 1989. 170mm X 230mm. 58 Pages. Soft Cover.
2nd Edition 1993
3rd Edition 1995
4th Edition 1997


Illustrated Catalogue of Hong Kong Currency by Ma Tak Wo.
1st Edition 1994; 155mm X 220mm. 80 Pages. Soft Cover.
2nd Edition 1995
3rd Edition 1996
4th Edition 1997


Hong Kong Coin Auction
Spink - Taisei catalogue 11
5th September 1991
210mm x 280mm. 882 Lots and 74 pages of illustrations.
Auctions were also held in 1992 and 1993.


Hong Kong Coin Auction
Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Catalogue 18
8 September 1994
210mm X 278mm. 75 Pages with 1244 lots and 59 plates of illustrations.
Auctions were also held in 1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998


Spink Coins, Medals and Banknotes Auction Catalogue.
29 November 1994
210mm X 268mm. 600 Lots shown on 108 pages many with illustrations.
Auctions were also held in 1995, 1996 and 1997.


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